THINK Different & THINK Ahead 

in the THINK TANK 2PM CST weekdays! 

Our world is changing very quickly and when we get through these tumultuous and uncertain times our lives, our companies, the way we do things and the people we do them with, are going to be a lot different.

At THINKERS we have been talking with all sorts of CXO’s about what the new “new” is going to be and how we will THINK and operate in this new environment.  It's the same questions and concerns and frankly everyone is having, we are all in the same boat. 

It’s for this reason we are launching THINK TANK...a live interactive roundtable where you can share and be a part of the discussion via ZOOM video or simply just watch and listen via our THINKERS Society YouTube. 

Join us each weekday at 2pm CST, to discuss the day’s events, talk about what that means in our lives, and discuss how to address and navigate through these times. 



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