• Were you full of great ideas when you were young and always thinking and creating? 

    And these days not as much, yet you're constantly asked to think outside the box. 

    THINKERS Society inspires brands & individuals to think differently and unlock

    their creativity so they can get to their BETTER IDEAS...FASTER!


THINKERS SOCIETY is based on decades of science and research in collaborative innovation and creativity 

by some of the biggest brains in the field.  Our very powerful interconnected ecosystem is comprised of:


inspired tools to encourage 

better thinking and creativity


live engagement demonstrating a brand and events innovation and creativity


engaging and actionable workshops that instantly inspire attendees best thinking and creativity


facilitated ideation to get groups to solutions for challenges faster  


real time platform that gathers, crowd sorts, ranks, analyzes, group think for small or large groups working thru ideation


everyday inspiration for innovative and creative think that is current and trending in the world






THINKERS Society has looked at basic tools used over the centuries and asked WHY?  There is a better 

more inspiring, innovative, and creative approach to the things we use and work with each day!


Science tells us that you absorb, learn, and retain information better by the good old fashion writing it down on paper (analog), not typing away like a robot on your smartdumb device (digital).  The THINKERS Workbook completely re-thinks the 200+ year old spiral notebook and makes it an inspirational tool you will want to use each and every day.  Not to mention humble brag to everyone that you are a ORIGINAL THINKER!  


each workbook has it's owners name laser cut in to the cover


get to your better ideas faster with the 



your brand and message is forever attributed to this unique tool


remove & reorganize your notes where & whenever

you want



Here's the 411,  - When you are young ideas and creativity flow, however as we grow that lessens.  People have good intentions to come up with something "outside the box" like the boss is asking for, but normally a couple things happen: 

  • our creativity get's lost or stymied in a brainstorming meeting thanks to a few blowhards
  • ideas and flow don't occur as we have no direction, framework, or know how to tap in to it
  • we inadvertently get distracted when we begin, and never refocus  

We hear you, and because of this THINKERS Society based on 40 years of collaborative innovation and creativity science has created a simple process which will amazingly move you through the ideation process in four Fisher Priced steps.  The THINKERS Method can been used on any sort of challenge you might have, whether it's direction for a global product or event launch to something as simple as planning a dinner party.  The fact is each of us are faced with challenges every day, yet we have never been given a method or process to resolve them.  Along with all the beautiful FREETHINK Workspace in the THINKERS Workbook, there are ten THINKERS Method worksheets to start getting people to their better ideas faster.  Here's a quick info video on the THINKERS Method.


Oh yeah we hear you!  Think of the smile this will put on their face when they open the cool box and see their name laser-etched into the cover of their very own THINKERS Workbook.  It is guaranteed to sit prominently on their desk or nonchalantly dropped on the  table at the next meeting….all humble brag and all!  We’re lying if we say we don’t do that every chance we get!  

Probably wouldn’t hurt to have your logo emblazoned on the inside cover...you know, this cool workbook was given to me by my innovative, creative, thinking outside the box friends at _________.  And yes marketing people, we can produce, finish, and bind your high gloss event/brand/product info pages right in to the front of the THINKERS Workbook.  Can you do that with a basket of fruit,  box of chocolates, or bottle of wine?


Yeah we got you covered there...in fact we make it real easy.  Shoot us a spreadsheet with names, your logo, special content you’d like included, and the team will quite literally hand-make your THINKERS Workbooks and have them delivered to your next event or to the office.  Kind of makes another branded polo shirt or Yeti mug meaningless don’t you think?



Did you know Leonardo da Vinci used a neroli fragrance (sharp citrus) to stimulate and inspire his creativity? 

"Our sense of smell is one synaptic jump DIRECTLY to our unconscious.  We experience a scent and it's emotional resonance before we are even conscious or cognizant of what has happened to us.  There's a deep subconscious experience that happens when we smell things."

The THINKERS Lab has created two lines of scents that are designed to trigger focused THOUGHT and enlightened CREATIVITY.  They are inspired by times, places, and people that throughout history have been known as the creatives or big THINKERS.

One whiff and you'll be transported to a space where you'll get to your BETTER IDEAS...FASTER!

When's the last time you picked up a pen and said, wow this feels good, it writes so effortlessly, I need one of these?   That's what will happen with the THINKERS Pen. The THINKERS Pen is a personalized, over-engineered, hand tooled from the highest aerospace-grade titanium, tactile touch, floating nib, perfectly balanced, heirloom writing instrument...designed to inspire your creativity and get you to your 



superior craftsmanship made from a single rod of aerospace grade titanium 


each laser etched with the recipients initials on the cap


micro grooves in the surface result in a satisfying touch


bolt mechanism triggers the brain and stimulates creativity


a floating tip insures effortless writing and movement


specified length and weight delivers optimum balance



So you have an event and you want to demonstrate how unique, innovative and creative you, the company, the CEO, and/or your event are?  You probably are also looking for some meaningful content or something completely different to shake it up a bit because you have “been there and done it..2x already!”  And you’ve been challenged with coming up with a significant professional gift, and no, another branded Yeti isn't going to fit the bill.

The THINKERS event and experiences team comes from 30+ years of corporate events, so beyond being incredibly creative, they talk your talk and understand how and what you have to work with….so let's look at your options.  We have designed a suite of tools, engagement, experiences, enrichment, workshops, framework and knowledge that is proven to impact events and demonstrate a brand and events creativity and innovation.

T O O L S & G I F T S

Stop it with the branded Yetis, you need to start branding the trashcans because that's where most of your "gifts" end up.  Instead consider giving your attendees something personalized showing that you care and even better a tool that will make them feel and be more creative and impactful each and every day.  Now that's significant, that's special, that's something they'll use and remember long after departure day!   

THINKERS Workbook 

A individually laser personalized THINKERS Workbook is both a fantastic gift and a powerful tool for attendees to absorb the content you have produced.  Not to mention your brand will travel with them and be “resparked” every time they open their Workbook. Learn here about the all the customization and brand/event content you can include.


When you want to give something of consequence, something that will wow, an heirloom piece, they will use again and again...check out the THINKERS Pen as a companion gift to their personalized workbook. 


These days every CEO and brand is talking about their creativity and innovation both personally and as an organization.  The onsite THINKERS Experience are the perfect embodiment of this creativity. The brand typically sets it up with “As a brand we thrive on creativity and innovation, something few know how to tap into.  Our partners, THINKERS Society will be at our event inspiring you to unlock your creativity so you can be more innovative and impactful each day.


Did you see the big YELLOW brain and all the crazy furniture and people talking and laughing playing games and taking tests?  The THINKERS Studio is the center of the events creativity and innovation. Designed to encourage and draw attendees in to begin their creative journey with the brand and event.  Fun tests will identify what type of THINKER they are and little tips shared will get them thinking and being more impactful each and every day. 


Science demonstrates that environments and “the experience” can either be a detriment OR a superior advantage and stimulus for people’s creativity.  A traditional, expected, conference room or standard general session layout is sure to continually stymie innovation and people’s willingness to participate and engage.

THINKERS Society’s chief scientists and environment designers have created a declaration and guidelines to embrace and encourage innovation, engagement, and creativity….it is called the THINKERS Creative Space.   Let THINKERS design a space for you today and be amazed at the prolific, kinetic, thoughts, ideas, and collaboration that your attendees will contribute and achieve.  THINK about things like lighting, structure, biophilic, 

E N R I C H M E N T - E D U C A T I O N

Isn't everyone looking for fun, impactful, instantly usable education and content that will entertain, provide new insight, and generally lift an audience and give them new knowledge and methods to be more effective at work more impactful in life?  The THINKERS enrichment workshops do just that. Choose one or make it a day with all of them.

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX - *unlock your creative thinking and get to your better ideas faster!

This fun interactive workshop will guide attendees to understand and unleash their own creative and critical thinking in both their professional and personal lives. Simple actionable steps will have them thinking outside the box and getting to your better ideas faster. 

Yes, and! Workshop - intro to Design Thinking principles thru comedic improv.

The collaborative science behind the “yes, and” methods and protocol is ironically the basis behind modern day improvisational comedy.   Pair improvisation with Design Thinking’s principles in experimentation, ideation, and empathy and you’re guaranteed a fun, enriching, and meaningful session.  Michael led Global Sales Education and Events and was with Pfizer for 28 years before following his combined passion of comedy and enrichment.


This radical workshop is driven by a innovative, experiential process designed to enhance business performance. It is based on the belief that everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions and the outcome.  Participants leave with skills to communicate more effectively, to engage their imagination more readily, and to approach their work with increased confidence, commitment and insight.


Empathy is the skill of understanding and recognizing others' feelings and perspectives. You cannot effectively lead someone you don't understand. In this inspirational workshop a seemingly average joe transforms into Ocho the Clown (one of the most respected clowns in the nation).  Thru heart-told story and shared life experiences attendees learn how empathy and sincerity can converge attitudes, create indelible loyalty and make each day just a little more meaningfully impactful.


Deep thought and focus are said to be the super power of the future.  Start your day with this workshop focusing your thoughts, mind, and body and you’ll be amazed how present, tuned in and deliberate you will be for the rest of the day.  

This workshop is a intriguing mix of guided mindfulness blended with a beautiful soundscape of instruments and rhythm performed live. Get focused, be tuned in, be impactful today!


Ever wonder where and how rockstars and entertainers get their inspiration?  This fun “unplugged” workshop with one of the most iconic voices in rock shares stories and explores where and how some of the biggest names in Rock and Entertainment find inspiration and connect with their creative talent.  This workshop begins to ROCKS when the band ROCKS the hits being discussed.  The new groupies walk away inspired with basic tips on how they can find their own creative muses and for sure will have a few songs stuck in their head!.

*We are in development of unique workshops and experiences, so check back or connect with a THINKER to learn about all your options!

T H I N K E R S - G U I D E D - I D E A T I O N

Do you need to think different and solve or talk through a big challenge, and truly have everyone’s honest input, voice, and opinions heard and counted?  Everyone...like everyone in the room, everyone!  Has traditional brainstorming not given you the results you were looking for?  The biggest minds in creativity and collaborative innovation have proven that the most effective “brainstorming” and ideation happens when a group is guided utilizing proven processes and methods. 

THINKERS Guided Ideation follows a 10 step process paired with the THINKERS Ideation Platform (TIP) which delivers 100% participation while allowing anonymity and removing all political and societal pressures and norms which typically stymie, if not prejudice participation and results.  Imagine empowering your attendees with the framework and knowledge to tackle whatever challenge they are faced with. Imagine capturing every thought and idea around your specific challenge from every person in the room? Imagine having people from different backgrounds, countries, departments, and leadership levels feel completely at ease, all working together on a common goal?  Imagine finishing the exercise with not one or two ideas but hundreds, if not thousands all sorted, ranked, rated, and analyzed for most popular, most feasible, most novel, most useful, most impactful, most cost effective, and most time sensitive. All of this achieved in a couple of hours of fun yet meaningful collaboration and interaction. Stop imagining and talk to a THINKER and hear how it works and who it is already working for!


Cognitive and behavioral scientific testing indicate that at best only 10% of what a person hears, is remembered within 24 hours.

10-20 min reTHINK workshops added to the end of any presentation or as stand-alones use scientific and cognitive methods and actions to boost meaning, comprehension and retention of your presentations and conversations with your audiences to over 70%.

All the thoughts and ideas shared during the reTHINK are captured and our data scientists analyze the results and then provide deep insight as to not only what was said, but what was heard and what they think about the subject and challenge....authentic, unprejudiced, thoughts and feedback.   *significantly more powerful than a survey a week later..."on a scale of 1-10...." 

Connect with a THINKER and learn how reTHINK's are changing the way we enrich and share information with audiences.




So they're yellow because yellow is the color that signifies innovation, friendliness, confidence, creativity, and happiness.  You'll love the THINKERS teams, they embody all of those attributes and will bring a whole new enthusiasm and inspiration to you, your company and your events.  They are super creative and more importantly have been in the corporate marketing and events space for decades...meaning they get your needs and constraints.  Connect with a THINKER today and get to your BETTER IDEAS...FASTER!


Robbie's contagious passion and creativity for wowing attendees and customers paired with his decades in operations and events insures your experiences and impact will be amazing!


Sam has been reshaping how we think, create, and share for decades.  You'll be amazed at how he simplifies the very complicated and ultimately gets you to your better ideas...faster!


Doug is an amazing strategist who simplifies and focuses your ideas and strategy in to actionable, viable plan.  He's focused brands the likes of Apple, AT&T, Disney, and Walmart!  


Our Chief THINKER has been on the forefront of creativity and innovation since the 80’s and is continually asked “How are your teams so creative and innovative, and always on the cutting edge...I sure wish I could do that, I’m just not that type of person, nor do I have a job that would ever allow me to do that.”  

You see that just never sounded right... the notion that, creativity and innovation only comes from a certain type of person.  It’s our belief that “creatives” are simply able to better tap into their creativity and that with the right direction, tools, and support anyone could be more creative and impactful no matter what their role, industry, or challenge they face.

Tremendous amounts of research and science have now proven this, and with this validation from some of the biggest minds in collaborative innovation and creativity THINKERS Society was formed to inspire people to get to their better ideas faster.

Today, THINKERS Society’s tools and methods are being utilized in some of the biggest corporations and institutions in the world.  THINKERS Society’s experiences and impactful enrichment and education are inspiring attendees, employees, and customers at events, conferences, and meetings for just about every industry and walk of life you can think of.  Two years in the making, THINKERS Society’s launch in 2019 has been extremely timely as survey after survey consistently says that the number one sought after skillset is C R E A T I V I T Y.

Connect with a THINKER and learn how you, your events, and your brand can start unlocking creativity and innovation and get to your BETTER IDEAS...FASTER!